" Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to the whole creation"(Mark 16:15)

Continuing the Franciscan Tradition and following the direction of Vatican Council, Vimala Province sisters were in the mission fields of North India and Foreign Missions. In 1969, sisters were sent to Vijayanagaram in Chanda Diocese, Shajapur in Ujjaiyin and Durg in Raipur.Vimala Province started mission in USA in October 1970 to work in parishes of St.Paul & Minneapolis Archdiocese. Sisters were also sent to Germany in Nov.1973 to study Nursing course and work in hospitals. North Indian Mission reached the stage of development and Nirmala Province, Vijayawada was formed in Feburary 1994. Also sisters were sent to the Developing countries such as Ethiopia, Tansania etc. in March 2001. (As African Government did not give the Work Permit, we discontinued that mission in Dec.2011) Through Education., care for the sick, Catechetical work and Social Service, sisters serve to form the Church, God's only flock as Jesus Christ prayed "that they all may be one".

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