Social Service

"Truly I tell you , Just as you did it to me of the least of these  who are members  of my family, you did it to me".(Mt:25:40)

Can you look after the  poor? .Can you rear the orphans ? When our founding mothers approached Bishop Levigne to start a congregation , he asked those questions. They readily expressed  their willingness to take up the work.Followed by our founders, we too serve for the poor.   Family counselling centre is working to help families  and individuals  with problems.We also issue funds for the  poor and needy through various organisations .We also conduct programmes for the poor and socially and economically  backward children. Three orphanages - Karunalayam , Snehalayalyam, Alphonasalayam - are run by Vimala Province  giving accommodation for school going girls. Also we have 2 old age homes ,four institutions for the differently abled children and adults and one palliative care unit. Sisters feel that it is our duty to serve  the poor ,downtrodden and abandoned one. Nirmala Sadan is a  well developed institution established to educate and rehabilitate differently abled children and adults. Early detection and intervention programme is also conducted to identify and train infants  and toddlers to reduce their problems and enable them to function at a normal level. Nirmala Sadan also started training programmes for teachers where there were not enough trained hands, B.Ed & M.Ed in special education are the degree course affiliated  to M.G. University 

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