In order to foster the spiritual growth in the future generation , Sisters of Vimala Province ,Kothamangalam render enormous service to the society in this apostolic field .Sisters take active interest in the charecter formation from nursery section to professional institutions . Being convinced of the sublime duty of this apostolic field , sisters act in  a spirit of dedication .There are 13 nursery schools , 4 schools  in aided and unaided zones , a special school for the  differently abiled children and 2 institutions in the professional level in our  province. Sisters who are  engaged in this field   are given different types of courses , retreats ,seminars ,empowerment programmes to foster  Christian values in the students. To promote a Christian atmosphere   in our Educational Institutions , we have started Alphonsa Garden , Madona Retreat , Free counselling facilities, Retreats  for the staff and students. Sisters take  a particular care in imparting gospel values to the staff students and parents. Through  students , sisters try to reach every family unit to share the values of god's kingdom. 

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