Evangelization and Faith

Sisters bear witness to Christ by an evangelical life in the various fields of the apostolate. They are called to be a Good News to the world and to spread the Good News to the world and to spread the Good News. They preach the word of God in an impressive way in the parishes, schools, Mission stations, Hospitals, Retreat Centres etc. in Parishes, sisters take active participation in Family Apostolate, Care of the Destitute, Catechetical work, Pious Associations and Welfare for the poor. Also they organizes seminars, Awareness programmes for the children and the Youth. In schools, KCSL, Alphonsa Garden and Madona Retreat are organized under the leadership of the sisters. Each house and province co operate sincerely in the Pro-life movement, Basic Christian Community Programme, Evangelization Programmes etc. organized by the diocese. The sisters concentrate their attention in sharing the Good News to the Drug Addictors, the people in Jail, and there by trying to convert them to do good and be a part of constructive society rather than being a destructive unit. Sisters also provide effective efforts in the Tribal Colonies and mission fields to make the people aware of the Good News.

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