Milestones of the Province
14th  Dec. 1888

The origin  of  F. C.C

23rd April 1928 F.C.C in Arch-Diocese in Ernakulam
4th Feb. 1930  The institution of the Mother House of  Vimala Province at Paingottoor.
2nd May 1932 Vestition of the 1st  twelve nuns of  Vimala Province at Paingottoor Parish
1950 Commencement of  U P School at Paingottor. 
28th-29th April 1953 

The Silver Jubilee celebrations of  F.C.C in the undivided Diocese of  Ernakulam. 

29th July 1956  institution of the Diocese of Kothamangalam. 
1st Jan.1957  The Inauguration of the Diocese of Kothamangalam and  the enthronement of Mar Mathew Pothanamuzhi, the first Bishop of the Diocese. 
6th Feb.1962  The institution of  F.C.C Vimala Province, Kothamangalam.
17th March 1962  Rev.Mother Christina was elected as the first Provincial Superior of  F.C.C Vimala Province, Kothamangalam. 
1960-1963  Rev.Mother Sabina, the Mother General in the deviding period of the undivided Ernakulam F.C.C
 6th may 1962 The first batch Novitiate of Vimala Province began at Paingottoor Convent.
19th March 1967  Karunalayam, a house for the poor girls was instituted at Karimannoor.
18th June 1969 

The first Missionary groups were gone to do the mission work in the Diocese of Chanda, Ujjain, and Raipur under the leadership of the Provincial Superior, Rev.Mother Anasthasia and the Provincial Councillor Rev.Mother Christina. Mother Elsius,Sr. Christella, Sr.Amala and Sr.Rosalia to Vijayanagaram in Andhra Pradesh.

Mother Lourdes Mary, Sr.Juliet, Sr.Mary Francis and Sr.Alphonsa to Durg in Chattisgrah and Mother James, Sr.Irin, Sr.Pius and Sr.Lucina to Shajapur in Madhya Pradesh.

 10th Oct.1970 The Unification of the Franciscan Congregation in Kerala. The First Mother General was Rev.Mother Maurus.
25th June 1970 F.C.C Sisters in U S A
12th Feb.1971 The demise of Rev.Mother Mariam Thresia who was the first Mother General of 24 years of the undivided Ernakulam Province.
1st March 1973 F.C.C was raised to the Pontifical position.
5th November 1973   F.C.C sisters in Germany.
15th July 1975 The institution of  Nirmala Junior School at Muvattupuzha.
24th April 1977 The enthronement of Mar Geroge Punnakottil as the 2nd Bishop of the Diocese of Kothamangalam.
19th March 1979 The Institution of Shanti Nikethan, the Oldage home at Paingottoor.
6th Feb. 1982 The demise of Mar Mathew Pothanamuzhi the first Bishop of the Diocese of Kothamangalam.
30th April 1983 St.Josephs U.P School, Paingottoor was upgraded as High School.
24th Sept. 1985 The commencement of Nirmala Sadan, the Special Education School for the Mentally Retarded.
28th Feb.1989  The inauguration of Shanti Bhavan Social Centre at Kalloorkad.
12th March 1989 The up gradation of  Vijayawada Mission of Vimala Province,  Kothamangalam  into a Region.
13th Feb.1993 Snehalayam, a house for the poor girls was instituted at Velielchal.
8th Feb. 1994 Vijayawada Mission Region was raised as the Vice Province of Vimala Province, Kothamangalam.
15th March 1997 The institution of Sanjo School at Konasandra village in Kenkeri in Bangalore.
21st June 1997 F.C. C sisters of Vimala Province Kothamangalam in Khed Mission Fields in Maharashtra.
2nd April 1998 The inauguration of Vinayalaya a centre for the Mentally Retarded in Faridabad in Delhi.
26th July 2000 St .Josephs High School Paingottor was upgraded as a Higher Secondary School.
6th June 2000 The Blessing and the inauguration of Nirmala Public School(Jr.) (CBSE) Muvattupuzha.
15th March 2001 F.C.C sisters of Vimala Province, Kothamangalam were sent to Ethiopia, Africa for doing Mission work.
12th May 2001 The Inauguration of the Hospital Nirmala Medical Centre, Muvattupuzha.
2nd August 2004 Nirmal Rani Province, Idukki was formed.
12th Oct. 2005 The Inauguration of Alphonsalayam, a centre for the Poor Girls at Udumbannoor.
8th Sept. 2008 The demise of the Bishop, Mar Hippolitus OFM Cap. the one who did a laborious task for the Unification of FCC in Kerala.
12th Oct. 2008 The declaration of Bl. Alphonsa as a Saint. Rev.Mother Grace Mary, the Provincial Superior, Rev.Sr.Rincy, the General Councillor, Rev.Sr.Mercy Augustine, the Provincial Councilor and the sisters who work abroad participated in the programmes administered in Rome.
28th Nov 2011 Nirmala Public School, Karimannoor was affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.
10th Dece.2011 Ethyopian Mission closed due to some political reasons.
6th Feb. 2012 The Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Vimala Province, Kothamangalam.
10th Feb 2013 The Enthronement of Mar Geroge Madathikandam as the 3rd Bishop of the Diocese of Kothamangalam.
6th Dece.2013 Post Centennial Silver Jubilee of FCC.
15th Jan 2014 Donated one Acre of land (Patrameny of Sr.Thracilla) to Capuchin Fathers of Kottayam Province as dower to build a monastary.The Capuchin Fathers will help our sisters especially Pallickamurry FCC community with their spiritual needs.

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